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April 2019 “Tip of the Month”

LSI Scoring Mechanics:  If/Then Rules

IF Then Rules Flyer

IF Then Rules Scoring Scenario

IF Then Rules Scoring Scenario Answers


March 2019 “Tip of the Month”

LSI Scoring Mechanics:  Risk Scoring vs Protective Rating

LSI Scoring and Rating_Flyer

REVISED LSI Risk and Protective Scenario_Practice

LSI Risk and Protective Scenario_Answer

LSI Risk and Protective (video)


February 2019 “Tip of the Month”

LSI-R Time Frames

LSI Scoring Mechanics:

There are three scoring mechanics:

  1. LSI Time Frame,
  2. Risk Score and Protective Rating
  3. If/Then Rules


LSI Time Frame: Restricts answers/information to a period of time. Answers are valid only if they address the situation in that time frame.  Answers that do not follow the time frame are deemed an “Insufficient Probe.”

LSI Time Frame Flyer

LSI Time Frame Scenario Practice Document

REV LSI Time Frame Scenario Answers

LSI Time Frame (video)

January 2019 “Tip of the Month”



Prioritizing is a technique designed to involve the client in the decision-making process. Essentially the client is asked to consider the LSI-R Feedback provided to him or her and to choose the starting point for change. This is perhaps the most simple of all motivational strategies and yet it is one that many professionals fail to use.

After discussing with the client where they would like to start first, you will target the behavior that needs to change and begin to build your case plan.


Prioritization Practice Instructions

Prioritization Wheel

Priortizing (video)



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