Tip of the Month

May 2018 “Tip of the Month”

DRUG PROBLEM? A history of drug abuse is a risk factor for criminal behavior.  Even though a defendant reports no problems with drug abuse, the final determination is made by the interviewer.  Read more…

Scenario for Items #38 and #40 (Drugs)

April 2018 “Tip of the Month”

Summary Score Sheet (click to download)

March 2018 “Tip of the Month”

(As the saying goes ….) TALK is CHEAP … UNLESS IT’S CHANGE TALK!

Using our MI principles (DEARS) and skills (OARS), a client in contemplation may benefit from your use of eliciting change talk methods, towards resolving their ambivalence and tipping the scales to commitment in changing their target behavior.  Read more…



February 2018 “Tip of the Month”

Amplifed Reflection: Increasing the intensity of the resistant element

An amplified reflection, reflects back what the person has said, but increases its intensity.  Usually, the resistant element that is intensified.  Read more…




January 2018 “Tip of the Month”

Is your client a social isolate? In the past twelve (12) months, has he or she lacked a significant, intimate and mutual relationship with a non-relative? Has he or she expressed difficulty meeting others, keeping friends, or getting along with people? Is your client unable to make friends because of a social or mental inability? Does your client socialize exclusively within his or her family? If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then congratulations, your client is a social isolate and scores as a risk for LSI-R item number 32!  Read more…


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