Welcome to the Interagency Council on Intermediate Sanctions

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The VISION of the Interagency Council on Intermediate Sanctions is the reduction of recidivism and the prevention of future victimization by adult offenders.


Implement a system-wide application of standardized assessment protocols;

Establish a continuum of services that match the risk and needs of adult offenders;

Collaborate with communities in developing and implementing the continuum of services;

Create a management information system capable of communicating among agencies to facilitate sharing of offender information; and

Evaluate the effectiveness of intermediate sanctions in reducing recidivism.


Beginning in 2002, state and county government agencies undertook an exciting challenge to reduce recidivism in Hawaii by 30 percent. A five-year interagency statewide strategic plan was implemented using “best practice” principles to further enhance the use of intermediate sanctions, and to reduce recidivism in all parts of the criminal justice system.

The strategic plan seeks to implement the systemic application of empirically based tools to assist in the management of offenders and to establish a continuum of effective services that meet their needs. It requires a philosophical shift in the system and in decision-making, so that offenders receive “one voice, one message” throughout the system.

The Council recognizes that an endeavor of this magnitude could not be achieved without the continued interest and commitment from those they represent to improve the lives of others. Through the shared vision of the Council, we hope to provide a safer environment in which to live and visit.


The Interagency Council for Intermediate Sanctions is a PARTNERSHIP between the following:

  • Judiciary, State of Hawaii
  • Department of Public Safety, State of Hawaii
  • Department of the Attorney General, State of Hawaii
  • Department of Health, State of Hawaii
  • Office of the Public Defender, State of Hawaii
  • Hawaii Paroling Authority, State of Hawaii
  • Department of the Prosecuting Attorney, City & County of Honolulu
  • Honolulu Police Department, City & County of Honolulu