2017 Tip of the Month

September “Tip of the Month”

“Double sided reflection reflects both sides of the ambivalence. A stem for double sided reflection is, “On the one hand … on the other hand …”   Read more …

October “Tip of the Month”

“LSI Scoring — Emotional/Personal Interference:  #46 Moderate Interference/#47 Severe Interference — What’s the Difference?”   Read more …

November “Tip of the Month”

This month, we are taking a deeper look at the “Evaluator Use Only” section of the Adult Substance Abuse Survey (ASUS). Since the ASUS is a self-report survey, we want to know if the client is being honest with his/her answers.

In the example below, Charles Change indicated that his involvement with alcohol and drugs are minimal (Involvement score =3). He further indicated that his alcohol and drug use did not result in a lifetime of negative consequences nor disrupted his everyday life (Disruption score =2). However, in the “Evaluator Use Only section” the probation officer evaluated Charles’s alcohol and drug use differently (total Involvement and Disruption score =15).

What would you do if Charles was your client? Take a look at our November Tip of the Month to find out!

December “Tip of the Month” 

LSI-R: The Rules of Omits! To Omit or NOT to Omit….that is the question! It’s also the topic of this month’s Tip of the Month (TOM)! Have you ever interviewed a client who is not working but collecting disability and you’re not sure how to evaluate his/her employment status? Have you interviewed a client in the facility and wondered if you need to evaluate his/her reliance on social assistance? Well, wonder no more!

Happy Holidays!

Take a look at December’s TOM and see what you can omit from the LSI-R!