These four reports (see above) supplement the statewide analyses presented in the larger, LSI-R & ASUS FY05-06 Parole Report by focusing on specific county-level analyses. For each county, the analyses examine the change in LSI-R and ASUS Initial Assessment statistics for Fiscal Years 2004 through 2006, and provide statistical summaries for the following areas: (1) Demographics; (2) LSI-R Statistics; (3) ASUS Statistics; and (4) Treatment Level.

This report is based on 4,291 initial LSI-R and ASUS assessments summarized by Judicial Circuits. Statistical summaries are included for the following areas: (1) Service Centers; (2) Demographics; (3) LSI-R Scores; (4) ASUS Scores; (5) Treatment Level; (6) Problem Areas; and (7) Gender. The selected statistical indicators represent a baseline of offender profile data, which includes LSI-R Risk and Protective scores and ASUS subdomain percentiles by individual jurisdictions, and statewide averages. The timeframe for county-level analyses is based on Fiscal Year 2006, while statewide averages were examined using trend analyses for Fiscal Years 2004 through 2006.

This short article (from the ICIS Newsletter, Vol. 3, Issue 1) on LSI-R risk and protective scores across risk classification levels, and by multiple assessments administered during the 2002 through April 2007 time period.

This report presents analyses of LSI-R and ASUS data compiled from reassessments for the January, 2002 through April, 2007 period. It is a composite evaluation of ten ICIS scorecards, or indicators of ICIS implementation progress. The scorecards represent an important source of information for quality assurance monitoring and trend analysis.

This report presents analyses of LSI-R and ASUS data compiled for the January 2006 through July 2006 period. The objective of the scorecards is to institutionalize a measurement monitoring system in order to provide an important source of information for ICIS quality assurance monitoring and trend analyses. The scorecards evaluate progress toward various goals and objectives established by the ICIS 5-Year Plan.

This report was requested by the Department of Public Safety for the purpose of identifying prison and jail offenders, as well as pre-trial detainees, using the LSI-R and ASUS psychometric assessment instruments. The analyses are based on 2,250 LSI-R and ASUS assessments conducted during the January 2003 through September 2006 period.