ICIS Policy Group Members

Judge Rom A. Trader (Co-Chair), Judge of the 17th Division, 1st Judicial Circuit

Nolan Espinda (Co-Chair), Director, Department of Public Safety

Judge Joseph Cardoza, Judge of the 3rd Division, 2nd Judicial Circuit

Lynn Fallin, Deputy of Behavioral Health, Department of Health

Nathan Foo, ICIS Coordinator, Judiciary

Lance Goto, Deputy Attorney General, Department of the Attorney General

Timothy Ho, Chief Deputy Public Defender, Office of the Public Defender

Edmund (Fred) K.B. Hyun, Interim Chair, Hawaii Paroling Authority

Jerry Inouye, Assistant Chief, Honolulu Police Department

Tommy Johnson, Parole and Pardons Administrator, Hawaii Paroling Authority

Maile Kanemaru, Weed and Seed Director

Keith Kaneshiro, Prosecuting Attorney, City and County of Honolulu

Cheryl Marlow, Deputy Chief Court Administrator, 1st Judicial Circuit

Judge Greg Nakamura, Judge of the 2nd Division, 3rd Judicial Circuit

Judge Barbara Richardson, Deputy Chief Judge, District Court, 1st Judicial Circuit

Judge Kathleen Watanabe, Judge of the 2nd Division, 5th Judicial Circuit


(updated as of October 11, 2016)