ICIS Training Schedule




I.  Level of Service Inventory-Revised (3 days)

The Level of Service Inventory-Revised (LSI-R) is an assessment tool utilized by correctional professionals to determine risk of recidivism and provide guidelines how to supervise the client during the term of sentencing. In this training, participants learn to: 1) conduct the LSI-R assessment with fidelity and inter-rater reliability, 2) use basic active listening and interviewing skill, 3) scoring and interpreting the Adult Substance Use Survey (ASUS). Participants are then guided to interpret assessment results according to the risk/need/responsivity principles, and how to apply the results of the LSI-R assessment to the working alliance with the client.

II.  Motivational Interviewing (2 days)

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a style of communication that can be applied broadly to all clients regardless of criminal history, addiction issues, or mental health diagnosis. MI emphasizes the use of specific skills to allow the client to be in command of his/her own change process while being empathetically directed by the professional. This training allows participants to comprehensively learn MI principles and practice MI skills in an interactive setting with concentration on exploring client Ambivalence, strategies for dealing with Resistance and Change-Talk. Skill Balance exercises allow the speaker more awareness of his/her communication style and how it can be improved. Both small and large group experiential exercises reinforce the process and feedback from trainers provides an in depth practical knowledge.

III.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (3 days)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (COG) for corrections focuses on the link between self-centered beliefs and criminal thinking/behavior patterns. By identifying and addressing core beliefs, offenders can begin to create change by employing more other-centered thoughts and behaviors. In this training, participants are introduced to the Big 5 Self-Centered Beliefs and other COG principles. Participants then explore how to apply COG concepts and skills to maladaptive behaviors. Participants learn and practice COG skills in the area of: 1) problem solving, 2) assertiveness, and) managing emotions. Participants are expected to teach these skills to their clients.

IV.  Collaborative Case Work (2 days)
Collaborative Case Work (CCW) is designed to integrate and refresh previously trained concepts with the goal of creating a working case plan between the worker and client. Collaboration is a key aspect in creating a working case plan, fostering egalitarian participation from the worker, client, and other collateral contacts. Participants learn foundational principles and practice creating case plan goals and action steps. Various dynamic group activities reinforce the steps in the case planning process.

ICIS Training Schedule Reminders

▸    Oahu attendees:  To sign up on Oahu, please contact your supervisor.  Supervisors, please email Alysa Makahanaloa and/or Andrea Puglese with the staff names.  Seats will not be reserved without staff names due to the limited class size.  A confirmation email will be sent accordingly.  All trainings on Oahu will be held in the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) on the 3rd floor of 1st CC to begin at 8:00a.m. and end by 4:30 p.m.

▸    Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii attendees:  To sign up for a training on your respective island, please email your respective Probation Administrator accordingly.


2020 ICIS TRAINING SCHEDULE (rev. 7/31/2020)

J-SAT follow up MI Coaching: 02/03 (MON); 02/04 (TUE); & 02/05 (WED)                    Oahu

MI # 1:                                      02/25 (TUE) & 2/26 (WED)                                                                 Oahu

CBT:                                         3/11/20 (WED); 3/12/20 (THU); & 3/13/20 (FRI)                        Big Island         

J-SAT MI Coaching (2020 Cohort):       04/27 (MON); 4/28 (TUE); 4/29 (WED); 4/30 (THU); & 5/1 (FRI)                 Oahu

LSI-R:                                       6/1 (MON); 6/2 (TUE); & 6/3 (WED)                                                Oahu

MI # 2:                                      7/15 (WED) & 7/16 (THU)                                                                    Oahu

REFRESHER #1:                 8/12 (WED)                                                                                              Oahu

MI:                                              8/25 – 8/26 (TUE and WED)                                                               Kauai + Big Island

CBT:                                           9/1 (TUE); & 9/2 (WED )                                                                      Oahu

REFRESHER #2 and #3              9/15 (TUE) & 9/16 (WED)                                                          Oahu

MI:                                            9/22 – 9/23 (TUE & WED)                                                                   Maui

CBT:                                         9/29 – 9/30 (TUE & WED)                                                                   Kauai + BI

REFRESHER #4:                 10/2 (FRI)                                                                                                Oahu

CCW:                                       Roll out in October   (Trial Run) 10/5 – 10/9 (MON – FRI)           All

CBT:                                         10/27 – 10/28 (TUE & WED)                                                               Maui/Kauai


J-SAT Coaching  (2020 Cohort):            10/19 (MON); 10/20 (TUE); 10/21 (WED); 10/22 (THU); & 10/23 (FRI)


  • Refresher topic is MI: Change Talk (DARN/DIRN) & IQLEDGE; Strategies for addressing Change Talk
  • All training starting in June 2020 will be virtual training via Webex